Currently Reading April 2018

I'm still not in a reading mood, but audio books work very well at the moment. My reading slump isn't the greatest thing for my yearly reading goals. I have waaaay to many books I started and never got back to recently. ___ The Core (Pt. 1) by Peter V. Brett 106 pages in I... weiterlesen →


First Book Haul 2018

I know, I know, I know. One of my yearly goals is to lower my TBR under 10. Now I made it even harder in buying more - and reading less books. BUT I bought a lot of sequels or actually last books in a series. Which is important for one of my other goals... weiterlesen →

My February/March/2018

As everyone can see, I wasn't much into reading or blogging the last weeks. The February was again a simply lazy month and I suffered a little from my depression. I really missed the sun and I couldn't wait any longer for spring to begin. The March was a waaaay better month. Right in the... weiterlesen →

My January 2018

It wasn't an exciting month at all. I finally got divorced on Jan. 10th and had to do some paper work afterwards. Later I had a few appointments (mostly in hospital) and the rest of the time I spent re-watching Heartland (which is kind of a guilty pleasure), gaming and only reading a little bit.... weiterlesen →

Currently Reading January 2018 (2)

I wasn't much into reading the last days. I re-started a PC game I bought a few years ago and am kind of addicted in the moment. It is a simple horse MMORPG mostly for younger girls, but I really like the quests and the horse-races and all the new stuff I learned so far.... weiterlesen →

All the books… I Did Not Finish

and probably never will. I still struggle with dnfing books, because I always feel guilty having bought the books, for yeah, for nothing. But I realized in the last few years, that if I force myself to stick to a book I really don't like, let me often slip into a terrible reading slump. And... weiterlesen →

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