Review – Scythe (1) by Neal Shusterman – Audio Book Review

When the book first came out I was curious. So I decided to read a few chapters as I mentioned in my „Reading Samples“ post in December and I really liked the beginning of the story. I'm not an audio book person, but every now and then I try some. (I have some color books... weiterlesen →


Reading Samples 01/2018

I know, I know... I said, I don't want to start so many new series, but sometimes I'm really looking for new stuff to read. And sometimes you find interesting looking books on other blogs or on YouTube and you get curious. So I found three books with a cool sounding premise and so I... weiterlesen →

Read-Along – The End

The day before yesterday I finished A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab and the end couldn't satisfy me either. So the book is my first Flop of the year 2018. I talked a lot about the characters and the overall plot in my last read-along posts, so I will concentrate in this last... weiterlesen →

Currently Reading January 2018

It wasn't a great reading start into the year. I only finished one book so far and a few short stories and no book could hook me long enough to forget my upcoming divorce. Now it is done and I'm free again and I hope I will get more into reading soon again. I'm currently... weiterlesen →

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