End Of The Year Challenge (Day 13 -27)

I knew it would be going to happen and it did. I failed several days during the last weeks. On some days I failed completely, on other days I read only some pages, but not as many as I planned to do.

I at least finished two books and one short story, which makes it not a full failure at all. Plus most of the time I really enjoyed reading. I’m currently at day 28 and still ahead of schedule. The most important issue I have to face for now is to find the right book to read, because I feel that I’m going to loose interest very quickly at the moment.

So, if you are not interested in reading through every days reading diary, I’m going to summarize, what has happened in a few words for you.


On Day 13 I finished the autobiography of a German comedian called Hape Kerkeling and really really liked the book. The ending fell a little bit short, otherwise I would have given full 5 stars.

I failed on day 14 and 15 and read nothing.

During my buddy read of The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood, which lasted several days, I had some really successful days, when I read more than 100 pages a day and at some days, I did not read at all.

The „Reading in Fall“ weekends really helped to continue with reading a lot and finally I was able to finish the book. I also finished The Dagger in the Desk – a small story in the Lockwood & Co universe by Jonathan Stroud.

In the meantime I tried to read three different books and I am still unsure, which one I will continue or if I am going to need another one. (Main issue: I still want to re-read some books I loved in the past and I really want to buy the first part in the Bartimäus series by Jonathan Stroud to check out, if I love the books as much as I loved the Lockwood & Co books.)

Books I tried:

City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin, but for whatever reason I don’t get into the book and so after reading 13 pages I put it aside again.

The Darker Side by Cody McFadyen, but I’m still listening to a True Crime podcast and have enough killing and injustice in my podcast and don’t need more in a book right now.

The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens – which I will most likely continue in the next few days. But although I really enjoy the book, I don’t feel drawn back to it, the moment I put it down.

I really hope, I’m getting back on track soon.

Please be aware: The diary entries may contain SPOILERS 

Day 13: 15.10.2019

Pages: 28 (Today: – 22 In General: + 445)

Book: Der Junge muss an die frische Luft by Hape Kerkeling

Books finished: Der Junge muss an die frische Luft by Hape Kerkeling

I could have read today – I have had enough time, but I spent the whole time watching a Planet Zoo stream on Youtube. Someone talked about the game during the last Reading in Fall and I got curious. The game isn’t published yet, but people show off the beta version already. So long it reminds me of a 3D well done, beautiful version of Zoo Tycoon. A game I really loved when I was a teen. I guess even when the game will be published it will be a) to expensive for me (44 $ pre-order) although I think the game is worth its price and b) my laptop will not meet the requirements. Anyway – I really like to watch Beam (the Youtuber) while playing the game. He has a really soothing voice and he is very creative. 

Now I terribly want to re-play Zoo Tycoon. (I still own the game – I only have to find it) but I guess at first I have to choose my new print book and I still don’t know what I want to read. Maybe I read Infinity Blade – Redemption – just to get done with it. 


At least I read 28 pages and finished my audio book. I really enjoyed the book, although the end was a little abrupt. So far I will not download another audio book and stay with print books for a while.

Day 14: 16.10.2019

Pages: 0 (Today: – 50 In General: + 395)

Book: /

Books finished: /

I don’t know, but I’m in a small reading slump. I haven’t read something today so far (it is 11:30 am) but I guess, there is plenty of time to read at least 50 pages. I still don’t know which book I wanna read next to The Summer Dragon. But I’ll keep you / and myself up to date.


Damn it, I did not read anything today. I guess the high number of + pages made me lazy.

Day 15: 17.10.2019

Pages: 0 (Today: – 50 In General: + 345)

Book: /

Books finished: /

And again, I did not read a single page, the whole day. I was busy watching a Planet Zoo Gaming Stream and afterwards I really wanted to play Zoo Tycoon 1 again, a game I used to play a lot during my teenage years. I purchased the game a few years ago for nostalgic reasons, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it anymore. So I spent the whole day searching for it, cleaning and tiding up my apartment, and cooking for my writing group. The girls came in the evening and we were chatting a lot – so no reading at all.

Day 16: 18.10.2019

Pages: 68 (Today: + 18 In General: + 363)

Book: The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood

Books finished: /

Finally I was able to install Zoo Tycoon 1 again on my laptop. (With the help of my best friend) so I spent the most time on my laptop playing the tutorial again and the first four challenges. I really want to continue gaming, but I guess it’s time to read some pages. I still have more than 100 to go to keep me up to date with my buddy read book.

But first – I need to catch up with the 4thewords scavenger hunt.


And I realized, that I now finished another bookish reading goal. I wanted to decrease my TBR to 25 or below and I finally managed it. That’s a win, at least.


After playing four Zoo Tycoon campaigns, I was finally able to stop gaming and close the game to pick up my buddy read book. I managed to read a little bit more than my planned 50 pages and liked it so far. I still think the male characters are ass holes and weak, but I still like Maia and especially all the bonding scenes with her dragon baby. Now I’m again in a scene were the enemies enter the terrain again. I don’t want to read about it and just stay a little bit longer with the dragons and the bonding and stuff.

I also was very confused by the religious shisma. I don’t fully understand the issue. But I don’t get most of the religious issues in real life as well.

Day 17: 19.10.2019

Pages: 0 (Today: – 50 In General: + 295)

Book: /

Books finished: /

Sadly I wasn’t able to read again. But this time it wasn’t really my fault. We visited my Ladys parents with the dog and it is still scary and exciting to travel with our doggy Madame. She wasn’t fully relaxed during the bus and the train ride, but she was calm and friendly and very well behaved. But I couldn’t find enough rest to pick up my book. And I still have to read at least 5 chapters to catch up with our buddy read.

The few times I was able to relax I picked up my phone and played the Merge Dragon Event. I was able to get five items so far, which is not bad.

Day 18: 20.10.2019

Pages: 76 (Today: + 26 In General: + 321)

Book: The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood

Books finished: /

It is 10 am now I plan to read at least the five chapters I still miss for my buddy read. But I have to do some paper work as well, I need to have breakfast first, and I still want to play the Merge Dragon Event and some Zoo Tycoon (Zoo Tycoon has to wait until tomorrow, I’m sure about it) and we got tickets for the Freedom Call concert in the evening. So not much time to play around. Now I’m going to find my scavenger hunt codes and create my Reading in Fall post.


Actually I did read my five chapters and still like the book. There is a new danger, nobody knows how to deal with. But Maia is still a strong (and not annoying) character and the dragons are still the focus of the story. Although there are many political intermezzo and religious issues, the reader still gets to know a lot about the dragon training, the further bonding. I’m really curious about the first flight. And if Darian will join the military and what Maias role will be in the future.

Now I will play some more minutes with my Merge Dragon Event (Smartphone App) and afterwards I will put on some clothes and makeup. I’m really excited – first time Freedom Call for me!

Day 19: 21.10.2019

Pages: 29 (Today: – 21 In General: + 300)

Book: The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood

Books finished: /

I only read 29 pages today, because I lost interest in the story halfway through. I still like the bonding scenes with the dragon baby, but I don’t know where the plot will lead to. There is a lot of military, refugees, these weird religious people and their narrow minded believes, some enemies on the horizon and Maia as a chosen one in the middle. But okay, it is still an interesting book, although most of the people are stereo types. And there is romance incoming. But it is okay, I quite like the potential love interest. I only hope, that it will stay a slow burn. The book already managed to give me some feels, but it is always easier with animals / magical creature to get me. I hope Lockwood wrote a decent love story.

Day 20: 22.10.2019

Pages: 0 (Today: – 50 In General: + 250)


Books finished: /

I haven’t read anything today. And I’m not sure if I will. I still have to write my buddy read update, check the TTT, search for the scavenger hunt codes. Do the dishes and run errands for the next few days. And there is the doggy madame, who wants to go outside and have fun. So not sure. At the moment I listen to the Zeit (German newspaper – transl. Time) True Crime podcast while walking the dog or doing stuff in my apartment. I always like True Crime stories and I’m not interested in an audio book at the moment.

Day 21: 23.10.2019

Pages: 0 (Today: – 50 In General: + 200)


Books finished: /

Life sucks at the moment. And I’m not into reading at all. Yesterday something stung my little finger on the left hand, and now the complete hand is red, hard, hot and swollen. I can’t barely move my fingers. I use cortison crème and cold towels, but it’s getting worse. Maybe I have to see the doctor tomorrow. I also did not get any sleep because of the pain and the itching.I have to type with only one hand.

I also skipped the True Crime podcast because it was only click bait for a crime edition magazine. They were talking about a crime story, but wouldn’t talk about how it ended, because they want the listener to buy the paper magazine. So I chose to listen to some old seasons of writing excuses instead. Because Brandon Sanderson.

Day 22: 24.10.2019

Pages: 148 (Today: + 98 In General: + 348)

Book: The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood

Books finished: /

Although I had to go to the doctor with my swollen hand and have to take some severe medication it was a really good reading day for me. And I could catch up with some pages I lost over the last few days. I only read 3 pages while waiting for the doctor, but read a lot in the evening.

I felt some burning rage – there is nothing worse than religious fanatics for me. I guess there is no bigger danger than the elite monks and the politics. Go to hell Harodhi and Skrakk, you can still learn from religious idiots.

I felt so much anger for dumbass Tauman – Maias elder brother who literally sold the hatchery to politics and especially for Darian her younger brother, because of his jealousy, his weakness, his self centered way to think and that he run away head over heels instead of thinking about the danger he leaves the hatchery to. Arrogant bitch! I still hope there is a Gandalf moment for Darian and Maias father to rescue the hatchery in the end battle.

I really liked Belluas (who seemed to be an antagonist in the beginning) redemption arc and Maias however love interest (although he is still a little bit blend)

Through the whole book it felt a little bit like a pen and paper roleplay campaign. Every few pages there was another encounter – but not necessarily linked to each other. But now I’m near to the end – and a lot of knowledge is revealed and there is so much action right now. I really prepare for the final battle.

I guess the book tries to tell us, that the world the Summer Dragon is set in, is some future – because everything is growing and falling and growing again and there are some hints that our time is part of the past. So far it is really interesting. I only have 50 pages left – so I guess I’m able to finish the book by tomorrow. The last update for the buddy read will be up on Monday.

Day 23: 25.10.2019

Pages: 50 (Today: + 0 In General: + 348)

Book: The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood

Books finished: The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood

Yeay, I finished the book. It felt like a long introduction to something I can’t describe perfectly. In the end, the reader knows not much more than in the beginning. And the final battle felt a little bit to brutal. A lot of people die, some dragons die, some people and dragons vanish. I felt sad, when some dragons were killed, but all in all I wasn’t satisfied. To many open questions, some stuff is not explained very well.

All in all I liked the book because of the dragon bonding, the raising, and the human/dragon interaction in general. I would love to read a book only about that. I don’t need the war, the fighting and the killing, and especially I don’t need all these whiny guys.

Now I need another book to read and I’m not sure what I like to read next.

Day 24: 26.10.2019

Pages: 13 + 55 = 68 (Today: + 18 In General: + 366)

Book: City of Mirror by Justin Cronin / The Darker Side by Cody McFadyen

Books finished: /

First I tried again to read City of Mirrors, the third part in the The Passage trilogy, but I can’t get into it (again) I’m now a little bit more than 100 pages in, and I’m just not interested at all. Next I want to try the third thriller in Cody McFadyens Smoky Barrett series. Maybe I’m more into a thriller right now.


I’m 55 pages (beginning chapter 5) in The Darker Side by Cody McFadyen. It is repeating a lot of knowledge from part 1 and 2. I still remember a lot, so it is not that interesting for me at the moment.

The case itself seems to be linked to politics and the LGBTQ+ community (or maybe secrets in general). I don’t like cases when politics are heavily involved, but I stay curious.

Day 25: 27.10.2019

Pages: 85 + 40 = 125 (Today: + 75 In General: + 441)

Book: The Kingdom by Amanda Stevens / Dagger in the Desk by Jonathan Stroud

Books finished: Dagger in the Desk by Jonathan Stroud

I can’t decide which book I want to read. I have enough heard about murder and violence in my podcast for today, so I have no interest in reading my thriller. So I tried some pages in the Graveyard Queen book (11) but I can’t concentrate enough. I really wanted to go back to the Lockwood & Co world.

But I don’t really want to start a re-read now, so I chose the only short story, I did not knew yet. It was nice to meet some of my favorite characters again, but it wasn’t actually overwhelming. Only a cute little story without any mystery or twist.

I guess I want to continue with the Graveyard book for now.


And I DID continue with the book. I’m now at 25% and just finished chapter 11 and it’s just the right book for the moment. Great atmosphere, no romance yet, creepy village, and even creepier villagers. Some secrets, some evil. Ghosts. A mistery.

Now Amelia is on a dinner party and I feel things going down very quickly. I love that they included a stray dog in this book. I already love Angus. I can’t wait to continue.


I read 21 pages more in the evening and I am still curious. Still love the atmosphere and I am still creeped out by some of the characters. Perfect Samhain read. (It is dark moon today – so it is the REAL Samhain.)

Day 26: 28.10.2019

Pages: 0 (Today: – 50 In General: + 391)

Book: /

Books finished: /

Day 27: 29.10.2019

Pages: 0 (Today: – 50 In General: + 341)

Book: /

Books finished: /

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