National Novel Writing Month 2019 / 4thewords Diary (Day 6 – 14)

06.11.2019 I at least feel like I could write some more words today. I plan on fighting two of the 1400 words monster to make some progress with one of the quests. I will get an estimated amount of 14 tokens each. It isn't much, but it might be enough to make me feel comfortable... Weiterlesen →

National Novel Writing Month 2019 / 4thewords Diary (Day 1-5)

01.11.2019 The new 4thewords event is so much fun. I already completed three collecting quests, without having written a single word. So I already collected 35 Tokens, which I will need to exchange for cool new wardrobe items in the future. Every participant who wants to collect every single item available will need approximately 750... Weiterlesen →

TTT: My Writing Journey In Ten Steps

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic – as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl – is a Halloween freebie. Although I am going to celebrate Halloween this year I don't consider myself to be a Halloween person. I always have candy in my apartment for my neighbors nephews, but usually I am not part... Weiterlesen →

Writing Projects 2019

As I hinted at in my last posts, I'm currently hardcore into writing. Usually I'm only working on one project at a time, but lately I discovered that I'm much more motivated when I write what I just want to write right now. Currently I'm working on three or four novels simultaneously. And because writing... Weiterlesen →

My Journey With 4thewords

Before I can talk about my personal journey with 4thewords and what it means to me, I should start with explaining what 4thewords actually is.    What is 4thewords? Oversimplified 4thewords is a fantasy browsergame in the tradition of old text adventures to help writers to stay motivated with their writing projects and help them to... Weiterlesen →

Hello Again

I know, I haven't written a blogpost since October last year. But I did not read much in the meantime, and a lot of other stuff - literally life changing stuff happened. 1. In November I started to write a YA Highfantasy novel about winged horses, about friendship and betrayal, about love and family and... Weiterlesen →

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